takk - Suitcase House

Architecture studio takk, formed by Mireia Luzárraga and Alejandro Muiño, proposes a small housing unit that, by its design, can be adapted to different regions and cultures, that is flexible and easy and economical to build and transport. The proposal is organized via modules that are transported to the destination and, once there, unfolded to form the house. This system allows the house to be much more flexible, adapting to the needs of the tennant, and maximizing what can be achieved for the price in terms of construction and transport, as the modules are always the same.

There are 6 basic modules that generate a type of living space (living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, individual and double bedroom). According to the needs of the inhabitant or the demands of the situation, these spaces can be designed to add or removed modules. In the same way, an already-installed unit can be modified via the addition or subtraction of a particular module.