ZigZag Architects – New Social Housing in Mieres

Capture the place, connect with the valley. One of the most interesting characteristics that you notice once you get to the place is that despite being in the middle of an urban building mass, there are limited views of the fields and meadows in the valley located in the higher part of the surrounding mountains. The first aim was to recover this double quality of the place, making the project urban and rural at the same time. It was essential to model the rigid traditional urban block of seven different heights so as to build a new volume of variable heights (three to seven stories), containing the complete residential program required.

We wanted the building to match the environment, voids and cuttings which allowed the view of the mountains in the empty spaces between the buildings, fragments of the Asturian landscape in the distance, enabling the sun and the air to enter the inner space at the same time.


Art Director: Valentina Rocco

Photography and Direction: Antonio Mercurio