Anna & Eugeni Bach Arquitectes – Playhouse

When architects have children, the day will come when they are asked:


- Mom, dad,… You´re architects, aren´t you?

- Yes…

- And you make houses for people?

- Yes, of course,…


And then comes the key question:


- So why don´t you do a house for us?


In such a situation, there are two possibilities: find an excuse to avoid it, or promise them that you will make a house especially designed for them. Anna and Eugeni Bach found themselves in this situation in the summer of 2011, and responded by building a house for their son and daughter on their grandparents’ farm in Finland. 

The playhouse is based on a section. The structure is very simple and it repeats in two identical modules that are oriented in opposite directions. One of the modules is double-height (relative to a child’s scale), so that an adult can enter the house without having to bend down. The other module has two levels connected by a simple ladder to permit more complex games.