Ryue Nishizawa - SANAA

Conference by Ryue Nishizawa, of SANAA on November 7th, 2011 in the Timken Auditorium of the San Francisco Campus of the California School of Art.

Ryue Nishizawa and Kazuyo Sejima founded the architecture studio Tokio SANAA in 1995. Standouts among their works are the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York (U.S.A.) the Serpentine Pavilion in London (U.K.) the Christian Dior building in Tokyo (Japan), the Rolex Learning Center in Lausanne (Switzerland) and the Glass Pavilion of the Museum of Art in Toledo (Spain). The architects won the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2010 and the Kunstpreis from the Berlin Academy of Arts in 2007. Ryue Nishizawa is professor in the National Univiersity of Yokohama and has maintained an independent design studio since 1997.

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