José Luis Sert – A Nomadic Dream

This documentary tells the story of a talented architect with a passion for art, one who developed and nurtured relationships with some of the most important artists of his time including: Miró, Picasso, Nivola, Giacometti, Le Corbusier and Gropius. Our project will present not only a portrait of his career and professional achievements, but also seek to correct the injustices that came with his exile. Sert was a pioneer in Europe and a lost soul in the United States, a man who was able to rebuild his own career in a different country by paying the price of oblivion in its own land. Our project follows a chronological structure beginning in 1926 when he received his degree in Architecture at the Universidad de Barcelona until his death in 1983 exploring the dramatic life of a complex man who had an indelible impact on American architecture in spite of the burdens of life as a political exile far from his beloved country.

"I have my life divided in chapters that carry the names of cities: Barcelona, Paris, New York, Boston ―a nomadic life with too many changes― but no dull moments."

Directed and written by Pablo Bujosa Rodríguez

Executive Producers: Antonio Chavarrías, Mihalis Gripiotis, Pablo Bujosa Rodríguez

Editing: Miguel Ángel Abraham

Research: Maria Charneco

Alè Produccions

USA/Spain 2013

Pablo Bujosa Rodríguez (Vimeo)