Vitra - I Remember

While life writes the most interesting stories, our homes set the scene for where we can truly be ourselves. We carefully choose and plan our living spaces, select distinctive objects and furniture, and build them into personal and intimate arrangements. Our own history materialises in our homes. What surrounds us sets the mood for our lives, and our homes will occasionally turn into the central element of a new adventure.

Through the lens of a movie camera, "Fiction" tells domestic stories that could have happened to any of us. Vitra's furniture and objects are part of an ensemble cast, enacting exceptional moments and everyday situations. Sometimes they drive the action forward and sometimes they stay in the background. Showing strong personality and a generous character, these pieces are more than mere set decoration -- they become co-actors in sharing and enriching our lives.

Directed and photographed by Florian Böhm 

Set Design by Paolo Bonfini 

Narration: Eckhart Nickel 

Editing: Barbara Gies 

Music: Benedikt Brachtel

Vitra (Vimeo)