OFIS arhitekti – Hayrack Apartments

The site is located on the edge of an alpine town called Cerklje (near Ljubljana Airport) with beautiful views of the surrounding fields and mountains. On the site there is a beautiful protected 300 year old lime-tree. The plan of the building is therefore L-shaped and embraces the green area around the tree. Apartments are social, therefore the budget had to be very limited and materials simple and economic.

The landscape and villages in the area remained unspoiled with many examples of traditional architecture such as old farms, barns and hayracks. The concept of the façade is taken from the hayrack system – wooden beams following traditional details and patterns. Apartments are of different sizes - from 30 sqm (322 sqft) studio flats up to four room apartments of 80 sqm (861 sqft). Bigger apartments are positioned on the corners of the building and have opened corners with nicer views. 

OFIS arhitekti / architects (Vimeo)