EMBT Architects – Santa Caterina Market

Video by Franco di Capua about the Santa Caterina Market renovation.

Ciutat Vella, unlike other quarters of Barcelona, is a city in itself… this city within a city seems to be the main feature of historical centers. Starting from this point everything gets complicated.

The present planning is unable to manage the complexity of the situation. and looking for short-term results, has unbearably limited the rules of the game. 

The project must not exsist in a particular moment in time, but in inhabiting it. 

Our projects starts by criticising the actual planning and proposes a model that allows for adaption to the area's complexity. 

Planning rules which contemplate something more than the street width and the building height. 

A first scheme which allows for the development of the city complexity and which complies with the commitments undertaken. 

This project proposes a model in which it is not so easy to distinguish between rehabilitation and new construction. 

Where the squares, the constant drawing of widenings overflying the street as the only urban mechanism. 

The shopping points decrease, rationalizing the access and services systems. Public space and residential density are created. 

The shopping area has been moved to Avenida Cambó, opening the old Market construction to the heart of Santa Caterina quarter.

franckyOtedesc (Youtube)