elii – JF Kit House

Installation for CIVA (Centre International pour la Ville, l'Architecture et le Paysage), Brussels.

New bodies for contemporary challenges. The JF Kit House (Jane Fonda Kit House) renders a possible future where citizens produce part of their domestic energy requirements with their own muscles, with their daily physical activities. Thinking of any stage of energy development entails “reinventing” a new culture, and the body is a central battlefield in the articulation of sustainable controversies where this new culture ‘embodies’.

This exploration takes place through four different scales of sustainability. 

1) Urban scale, by offering an replicable model to increase the urban density of the existing urban fabrics, based in light and cheap construction. The prototype is a self-sufficient and off-the-grid ‘parasitic’ structure that can be added onto existing rooftops and walls. 

2) Architectural scale, by investigating how the design of the house as an active energy production unit transforms the domestic space. 

3) Economic scale, by offering a model to ‘unblackbox’ domestic energy consumption patterns through the use of different display devices. Energy is not invisible anymore, on the contrary, it has become a consumer good.

 4) Socio-cultural scale, by the inscription of a new set of habits and practices into the body politik.

The domestic fitness tones up your body up and down!

eliiarquitectura (Youtube)