elii – Insider

The project consists of two complete houses, joined by a common area which eliminates the need for a division between the two studios and connects them as a single, conventional house.

In order to gain the largest amount of space for the houses and minimize the execution costs, the activity is centered on the central area where the kitchens, bathrooms, storage, access and distribution elements are found. In this way, the main space of each house is freed and the area of intervention is reduced. A laundry area common to both houses is also placed in the common area.

There are two elements that make this house an active space adapted to the user and which allow him to alter the organization of domestic actions: On one hand, the functional spaces relate with the living areas by means of a series of blinds. On the other, the central area is lifted 60 cm from the ground. Both situations allow the user two configure different functional dispositions: opening or closing the blinds reveals some of the elements of the house, such as the kitchen, the bed, the staircase or the ironing board. On the other hand, the elevated floor hides the new electricity and plumbing systems.

Finally, the house is designed with an energy saving strategy in mind. For example, each studio has an energy measurement system which translates into a chromatic code. Thus, energy consumption is reflected in the lighting of the home. The access to each house is possible thanks to hotel-type key cards which control the secondary electric circuits. According to the domestic experiments performed, all these devices allow one to save up to 30% in the electricity bill.

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