Dutch Profiles: SeARCH

Architect Bjarne Mastenbroek of SeARCH aims to create sustainable, environmentally friendly architecture, not only by using innovative techniques and materials, but most of all by making beautiful buildings that naturally blend into their surroundings. 

Mastenbroek was 'Dutch Architect of the Year' in 2009. Although most of his work is considered to be contemporary, he refuses to simply go along with trends, even when asked so by the client. This synagogue in Amsterdam is a good example. 

Bjarne Mastenbroek, in collaboration with Dick van Gameren, are the master planners of the IJ-dock, a prestigious project, right in the centre of Amsterdam. On a newly created island, apartment buildings, government buildings and a marina will complete the 20 year long process of redeveloping the IJ-region. 

Dutch Profiles is a series of short documentaries focusing on the conceptual and research based background of well-known icons of Dutch design.

Dutch Profiles (Vimeo)