Dutch Profiles: Onix

Architecture in harmony with its surroundings and with strong respect for the local vernacular. That's what Onix has been striving for since they were founded in 1994. Alex van de Beld and Berit-Ann Roos, from Onix, show the school for mentally challenged children in Assen. A building that is characterized by a mix of unorthodox and archetypal elements.

Most Dutch architects are based in the heavily urbanized western part of the country. Onix - who also have a office in Sweden - are located in the utmost North of the Netherlands, a sparsely populated area characterized by its stretched out landscape.

Alex shows us a wooden bridge designed for the city of Sneek. This bridge brings together many of Onix's concepts of what architecture is and how it should function.

Dutch Profiles is a series of short documentaries focusing on the conceptual and research based background of well-known icons of Dutch design.

Dutch Profiles (Vimeo)