BIG - Denmark Pavillion for Shanghai Expo 2010

The theme of the Expo 2010 was Better Cities Better Life and in this context BIG architects designed an expressive pavilion that showed the main qualities of Copenhagen by having real city bikes, a harbor pool and the Little Mermaid integrated in the exhibition.

The Danish Pavilion was designed as a looping spiral, creating an elongated and varied exhibition that could be experienced as a pedestrian or on a Copenhagen city bike. The expressive form has over 300 meters of facade with more than 3,500 wholes. Each having opaque acrylic tubes installed connecting the inside and the outside. The tubes vary in size and makes it possible to look inside and out of the building and creates a natural ventilation. But the tubes also have another function. Each hole is equipped with a powerful full-color LED light source that can illuminate the tube and hereby the building.

Rune Nielsen (Vimeo)