Cityzen Development Group - Absolute Towers

Mississauga is one of the Canadian cities to have undergone the most development since the 1980s, and is also one of the lesser known. With the aim of giving it a stronger identity, a competition was held five years ago to raise an iconic apartment block tower. The MAD group, made up of Chinese architects Yansong Ma and Qun Dang and Japanese architect Yosuke Hayano, were the winners with a plan for two towers -150 m and 170m high (500 – 560 ft) – sculpted in glass, with futuristic, biomorphic and sensual forms… which led to the citizens of Mississauga dubbing the complex “Marilyn Monroe.” Located between two main streets and almost finished, the towers express, in the words of the architects, “the complex and numerous needs of contemporary society.” Each apartment occupies a full level of the towers with a continuous terrace that emphasizes movement.

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