Atelier Bow Wow - Izu Book Café

Izu Book Cafe in Shizuoka by japanese practice Atelier Bow–Wow is a cafe and bookshop located alongside a street in a wooded green area. The curved L-shaped reinforced concrete shear wall shell adopts a sectional zig-zagging form, painted white. Natural wood planks and beams make up the roof construction. The linear organization of spaces contains a series of double doors that connect to an exterior patio with offset square pavers and several large trees, with the street hidden along the front side of the structure where only smaller windows exist. Several types of seating are scattered throughout the rooms providing a range of intimate and social environments for the user, all within a casual home-like atmosphere. At the other extreme of the construct is a small residence for the owners of the cafe.

ShinkenchikuSha (Youtube)