The ARCHITECTURE OPEN LIBRARY is an exciting proposal from Links Books ( that supplements a traditional architecture library with new technologies. It is a multimedia platform that offers the users an exhaustive inspirational source.

LinksBooks is a publishing house focused on the diffusion of architecture and design, operating independently from educational institutions or professional groups. Their publications present the latest trends and techniques in architecture and construction.

The ARCHITECTURE OPEN LIBRARY provides subscribers with access to the full range of titles in eBook form; more than 5,000 projects presented with photographs, architectural plans and descriptive texts provided by the architects. The projects are organized and classified by categories. The library also includes an exhaustive collection of conferences, videos and documentaries about architecture and design. New eBooks, projects, videos, conferences and breaking news stories expand the collection on a weekly basis. The ARCHITECTURE OPEN LIBRARY is available the 24 hours a day from anywhere and from any device (PC, Mac, iPad, Iphone, Android).

Our multidisciplinary publishing team have many years of experience in the fields of the architecture and design, and have created successful, cutting-edge publications that have come to serve as reference books, such as the seminal publications Container Architecture and Playgrounds.

LinksBooks是一家专注于建筑和设计业务的出版社,拥有一支多学科融合的出版团队,已经编写了许多成功、前沿的出版物, 一些出版物被用作行业参考书,例如开创性的《Container Architecture and Playgrounds》。LinksBooks的出版物代表了建筑和建材行业的最新趋势和技术。


数据库的服务内容包括电子书阅读、5000多个优秀项目展示、和一系列的有关建筑和设计类的会议、视频、纪录片等等。 优秀项目展示由建筑师提供照片、图纸和描述文字,并且按类别来划分整理。数据库24小时不间断服务,在任何地点和任何设备上(PC、Mac、iPad、iPhone、Android)都可以使用。数据按周进行更新。